cropped-pexels-elianne-dipp-And tell them these words of the covenant, that they may hear and observe, and be on their guard with respect to them, and not be destroyed and rooted out of the land; for an uncleanness, and an abomination, and a contamination, and a pollution are all they who commit it on the earth before our ELOHIYM. And there is no greater sin than the fornication which they commit on earth; for Yashar’el is a holy nation unto YAHUAH its ELOHIYM, and a nation of inheritance, and a priestly and royal nation and for his own possession; and there shall no such uncleanness appear in the midst of the holy nation. And in the third year of this sixth week Ya`aqov and all his sons went and dwelt in the house of Avraham, near Yitschaq his father and Rivqah his mother. And these were the names of the sons of Ya`aqov: the firstborn Re’uven, Shim`on, Leviy, Yahudah, Yisshakar, Zevulun, the sons of Le’ah; and the sons of Rachel, Yoceph and Binyamiyn; and the sons of Bilhah, Dan and Naphtaliy; and the sons of Zilpah, Gad and Asher; and Diynah, the daughter of Le’ah, the only daughter of Ya`aqov. And they came and bowed themselves to Yitschaq and Rivqah, and when they saw them they blessed Ya`aqov and all his sons, and Yitschaq rejoiced exceedingly, for he saw the sons of Ya`aqov, his younger son and he blessed them. YOVHELIYM (JUBILEES) 33:19-23 את CEPHER.jpg

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